Stella Maranga

The Board Member

Stella Maranga is a Kenyan National with extensive experience in Gender Work, Women leadership and Women Peace and Security Work in Africa and beyond. She has just retired from working with the Africa Union as a Gender officer with the Africa Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM). Stella has been working on gender and women issues for over 25 years in various capacities. Her areas of interest and specialisation are leadership and governance; Women peace and security; and Violence against women. Stella has worked as a gender advisor for several agencies, she worked with UN Women office in Kenya as a gender and governance advisor supporting with Women and elections on a multi-donor project supporting women political participation. Prior to that she worked with Oxfam GB as a regional gender advisor for the horn and East Africa region, where among other gender work, she was instrumental in initiating a violence against women campaign in the region “We can end all violence against women” in several countries in the region. Stella worked with the Coady international Institute (St. Francis Xavier University in Canada) coordinating a women leadership program. In addition to her work in women leadership, Stella is a skilled trainer and community facilitator and has worked with women and community groups in Tanzania and Kenya to build their capacities for community organizing and engagement.