Ongoing Projects



Tujikwamue Project is one of the projects under KJRO which has created opportunities in terms of skills and seed money for young people to engage themselves in income generating activities in growing and selling vegetables, hair plaiting and handcraft. Watch testimonials below.

Honestly, I am very happy for having attended this seminar. I wasn’t confident enough before to address myself before a crowd of people but after receiving this training on knowledge and skills from Kijana Jasiri Resilience Organization, I am now capable of standing and address myself in public without fear.

My name is Aposius Silvanus. I am happy to attend this seminar as it has been fruitful to me. I have learnt important entrepreneurship skills from this seminar, that will help me become a potentially successful businessman in future.


My name is Exavery from Kigadye village withing Heru Ushingo ward. I used to be shy and never had the ability to stand before people and address them in public.
After having attended the seminar organized by Kijana Jasiri Resilience Organization, I have become more confident to the extent of addressing myself before people. I have also become more resilient, and I now know who I am and who really cares for me. I am also aware of my potentials and how I can potentially impact the society around me with the skills I already have. Thank you very much!



This is a community philanthropy project implemented under the support of FCS. The project intends to support young people aged between 13-30 years to realize their inner strength and potentiality through  resilience building.