Who We Are

Kijana Jasiri- Resilience Organization (KJRO)

Kijana Jasiri means “resilient youth” in Swahili. KJRO was founded in 2020 and acquired a full registration as per NGO Act No. 24 of 2002 as amended from time to time with the registration no. No.00NGO/R/1662. The organisation is guided by the resilience theory. It addresses the strengths that people and systems demonstrate that enable them to rise above adversity (Van Breda, 2001).

Rationale:  in Tanzania, youth form a great share of the country’s labourforce. Yet, experience shows that despite various efforts by the Government, NGOs/CSOs and other actors; children/youth are extremely vulnerable compared to other age groups. Challenges include stress, unemployment, extreme poverty, early marriage, early pregnancies/ responsibility, all types of violence, limited access to quality education, and chronic illness. Others include low immunity, youth trafficking, post traumatic disorders and  impact of  climate  change.  Likewise,  refugees ‘overstay  in  Tanzania leads to  overstretched economies which expose children/youth into challenges. As stated by the Resilience theory, ‘When we face adversity, misfortune, or frustration- resilience helps us bounce back’. Thus investing in their resilience is the best solution. We, founder members are determined to promote resilience through research, learning and development for the wellbeing of children, youth and families.

Vision: A resourceful and resilient community.

Mission: Promoting resilience, volunteering culture, research and strengthening communities through economic empowerment programmes, health, psychosocial support services for children, youth and families.


1.   Promote children and youth wellbeing in health, emotional and social relationships.

2.   Empower youth with knowledge and skills on IGAs

3.   Promote peer to peer support among children/youth.

4.   Raising awareness among different sectors on importance of children/ youth resilience.

5.   Mobilize communities on the protection of environment and its benefit on the wellbeing.

Area of Operation

The Organization shall operate in National i.e. the entire Tanzania Mainland.  Currently establishing activities in Dar es Salaam– Wazo and Mabwepande Wards, Kinindoni district and Kigoma– Makere, Nyamidaho and Herushingo, Kasulu district

Our values: Diversity, Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, Respect