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Invest in Youth

Raising awareness among different sectors on importance of children/ youth resilience.

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The Future is Youth

Promote children and youth wellbeing in health, emotional and social relationships.

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Transform Youth

Empower youth with knowledge and skills on IGAs, Promote peer to peer support among children/youth

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Children & Community

Mobilize communities on the protection of environment and its benefit on the wellbeing

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A resourceful and resilient community.



Promoting resilience, volunteering culture, research and strengthening communities through economic empowerment programs, health, psychosocial support services for children, youth and families.



Diversity, Integrity, Innovation, Professionalism, Respect




Wards Covered (Operation Area)

-DAR ES SALAAM: Kinondoni district in Wazo, Ndugumbi and Mabwepande wards

-KIGOMA: Kasulu district in Herushingo, Makele and Nyamidaho wards


Skills Trained

-KJRO staff attending team building training facilitated by ASHOKA

-KJRO staff attending story writing training


Youth Transformed

(Success story in writings)


I am Exavery, and I live in Kigadye village within Hirushingo ward.

In this Kijana Jasiri seminar, I have learnt so much especially on the idea of bravery. Before I was not

brave enough to even stand and speak before people but now I am capable of communicating my thoughts to anyone in an understandable manner. Also, from this training, i have learnt about how to be resilient in time of difficulties, about the pillars resilience that include knowing who I am and what I can do.

It has indeed been a fruitful and helpful training as it has completely changed my mindset.


My name is Aposius Silvanus. I am happy to be a part of this seminar and I have learnt so much about business,
and so I believe I will be a successful businessman in the future.


Honestly, I am very happy about this seminar because this is the first time for me to socialize with people, and
I was never capable of standing and speaking to crowds as I was very shy. This seminar has made me brave now.



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