Jessica Mushama

The Board Member

Jessica Mshama, a local Tanzanian 25 years of age. She is an entrepreneur and CEO of a sister-owned business (J Sisters Company) that owns a variety of businesses including a supermarket, a mini-industry, and a beauty parlor.
What inspired her to make a change is her Tanzanian community not being a good platform for girls’ economic independence. Society has made girls secondhand and inferior creating a mentality that girls need to be assisted and helped to be independent economically.
She denied that ideology and the denial motivated her to prove her society wrong and motivate other young girls out there that a girl can make it economically and be a leader. She is currently working on awareness youths, women, and girls especially on entrepreneurship, leadership, and social activities. She is giving a platform for entrepreneurs to sell their products to enhance financial development also working hard to reduce unemployment in her community by offering jobs and training to young individuals who aspire to change their lives.
Furthermore, she aspires to grow along with her country and see Tanzania and its people and Africa in general grow, that is why she has initiated her Organization “Nakua na Taifa Langu” (Growing with My country) all to ensure that she grows along with many because she believes if everyone grows, it’s a better place for everyone.

Social Media Handles
1.Instagram @jessicamshama
2.Twitter @jessicamshama